Shams-Tabriz is not offering PERSONAL READINGS at this time

Personal Readings are one-on-one channeled sessions for the purpose of offering personal insight and guidance to support the healing and clearing of old wounds, patterns and beliefs in order that a path to a more enlightened way of being can emerge.

Personal Readings take a question and answer format. It is recommended that you prepare your questions ahead of time.

Please click on the calendar link below to schedule your reading online or in person.

Payment for online Personal Readings is due in full at least one week before your scheduled appointment. Instructions will be forwarded by email.


Not only did I receive waves of purest divine love but also guidance… to enhance my own connection to the divine realm.

Shams-Tabriz is a true gift for all who are blessed enough to spend time in his presence. He is an incredibly pure channel, one who is able to step aside his own consciousness in order to bring forth not only specific messages but also energy, love and light from the divine realm.

I have been lucky enough to have had several readings with Shams-Tabriz, and each one has brought me the healing balm, wisdom and support that I needed.

Shams-Tabriz connected me to my cosmic family and for that I am eternally grateful. This was something I was practicing to do on my own, but the feelings were subtle. With Shams-Tabriz I received confirmation of inclinations that I had already had but was still doubting. The words that came through him rang as truth in my soul.

I felt waves of love wash over me and I could finally take a breath and fully receive all of the love that the divine realm intended me to feel. Not only did I receive waves of purest divine love but also guidance for me to enhance my own connection to the divine realm. Even these words do not do justice to the gift that I received through Shams-Tabriz. I am eternally grateful.

Joanna Tamsin, Bali

The channeling was so full of love and light.

I was so moved and overwhelmed by feeling the Divine presence and it has definitely helped in expanding my consciousness even more by reminding me of who I am and why I’m here.

Words will never be able to describe what I felt. So grateful ????✨

Sasha, South Africa

March 25, 2021

Insightful, eye opening, soul healing and filled with profound wisdom.

I went to see Shams as I was seeking clarity on my life purpose and future as well as unresolved emotions related to past trauma and pain.

The questions were answered with clarity, no mystification, only compelling truth. Shams’ energy gently stepped aside into the background during the channeling and I felt like I was talking directly to the divine and angelic realms.

The messages were eye opening and humbling and were articulated to fit my level of understanding. The wisdom continues to unfold now even though weeks have past since my session.

Now I wake up each day with more clarity and a better understanding of myself on so many levels and my heart is lighter. I asked for a reading but instead I was given a book filled with wisdom and inspiration.

With his gift, Shams’ channels the high vibrations of source energy and for the last 30 years has devoted his life to helping people find clarity in their lives.

His wisdom, his presence and energy speaks for itself.

I have immeasurable gratitude for Shams and the beautiful gifts he offers.

Cathy, Taiwan

February 20, 2021

Today I had a Reading with Shams-Tabriz and I feel beyond grateful.

The wisdom which comes through his crystalline channel is pure, intense and unique. His messages are personal, straightforward yet truly loving and healing.

I was able to ask him questions related to my purpose, personal growth and my insecurities. He responded without any judgement and by truly hearing and seeing me, which led to feelings of great comfort and trust throughout the session. My experience went beyond a simple listening, the energies coming through Shams-Tabriz helped me to further open up, to really feel and also to find peace with the truth. Magical and so real at the same time.

If your life is in a phase where you are seeking some clarity, deeper understanding or just would like some guidance to find the answers by yourself, I encourage you to have a Personal Reading session with Shams-Tabriz.

Nora Szabo, Bali

February 11, 2021

Shams-Tabriz,  I just wanted to share that your session opened a gate in my being/existence.

It was not only a reading but a push in the direction of my higher self. I have been hyperactive since the session and besides a more clear view I’m experiencing lots of adjustments and acceleration in my life. I don’t know with which Beings you work with but they are powerful and full of love and light.

Thanks again, all of you!

C.C., Spain

December 08, 2020

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