Lead with your Sovereignty not your Sex 

22 Significant Exchanges - For women who repeatedly rush into unfulfilling or damaging relationships. Stop undervaluing yourself and start requiring only the most loving, kind and respectful treatment from your partner.

About Me

Hi I'm Joanna Tamsin

I've been where you are now, stuck in a dating pattern of pain, believing that there must be something wrong with you, that you are doomed to never actually have the kind of relationship you deeply long for. 

The 22 Significant Exchanges changed my life beyond recognition. I am not the same person as I was since going through this deeply empowering process. My deepest wish is that YOU too can utilize this powerful technique and change your life for good.

Learn my life-changing 22 Significant Exchange technique 22 SEx to revolutionize the way you value yourself in dating situations and relationships.

Do you find yourself stuck in the same dating and relationship patterns? You begin dating with an energy of needing them to like you. So you rush in, diving into bed and into a relationship too quickly ignoring any red flags only to find a few months or even years later that you feel empty, unseen, unvaled and unloved.

By the time you realize you're not well suited, you've already committed. You feel you're in too deep so you just continue in the relationship feeling unfulfilled. Then one day disaster strikes and you find out they've betrayed you. So you exit the relationship with even lower self-esteem than before and start the defeating dating cycle again. 

Do you repeatedly find yourself..

Feeling attracted to non commital types, and after the excitement dies down the poor treatment begins?

Getting physical or jumping into bed within the first few dates?

Feeling overly attached to your potential partner after only a few dates, and obsessively watching the phone hoping they'll call or text?

Ignoring all of the red flags and realising too late that they're not the right match for you?

Feeling as if you're the one being chosen rather than the one who choses? You feel that you have to prove yourself or be someone else in order for them to pick you?

Getting stuck in relationships for too long and dragging out ending it because your lives are too entangled, or you've become dependent on them, but really you want to leave? 

Enough is Enough!

It's time to start valuing yourself so highly that the right partner can't wait to commit to You! 

It's time for a 180 degree shift in how you value yourself in dating, otherwise you will just keep repeating the same old patterns of pain. 

How you value yourself is how they will value you.

When you value yourself so low that you need to lead with your sex, the relationship you create from that initial starting point won't go much deeper than that. Putting out too early is the fastest route to emptiness and lack of fulfillment in relationships. 

What's the big rush?

What the structure of 22 Significant Exchanges will give you is a much needed pause button before you make any dating decisions. It's time to slow down the pace and remember just how special you are. You are not the value of your body. You are not the value of how much you can pleasure or fulfil them. Your worth is in fact priceless.

Do you know you're being led by your subconscious patterns?

Do you jump into bed too quickly, even when you don't really want to? Do you know that this autopilot within you runs so deeply in your subconscious that it overrides all other parts of you. Have you ever stopped to examine why you do this, or how damaging it can be for you? Learn to make every single decision from a fully conscious place. 

You're a Queen and it's time to start acting like one.

The oversexualization of women has wreaked devastation upon all women. It has diminished us to such an extent that we have come to view ourselves as merely objects of desire for the opposite sex. Your power has been taken from you. Now is the time of the rise of the feminine. It's time to take your crown back beloved sister. 

Do you need support to shift your dating patterns?

Here's how to work with me

22 Sex Community

111 USD per month

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12 WEEKS - 2,500 USD

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How the 22 SEx technique will help you

Your sense of self will shift dramatically

At the heart of the 22 Significant Exchange technique lies the core practice of honoring yourself in a way that you will have never done before. You will see yourself and the world from a completely new perspective. 

You will shift into experiencing yourself in your divine dignity at all times, taking such care and consideration for yourself. 

You will attract a higher calibre of partner

When you learn how to hold yourself with such dignity, grace and strength you will exude a quiet confidence that will reverberate into the spaces around you, to be felt by all. The men who would only desire a surface level fling, or who are too damaged themselves to commit to you, will fall by the wayside.  

Instead you will magnetize the men who are able to hold you with the same regard as you hold yourself. The men who wish to cherish, love and honor their partners. 

You will uncover deeply rooted patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back your whole life.

When you've been running on a destructive autopilot for your whole life it will have caused more damage than you may have considered. It's now time to bring the unconscious into the conscious and take back full control of your life 

Everything else in your life will shift for the better.

Once you dramatically raise the bar in your dating and romantic relationships, ALL of your other relationships will uplevel too. You will change your energy and beliefs about yourself, so you will no longer tolerate any inconsiderate behaviour. You will begin to make better choices for yourself in all areas of your life, whether its relationships at work, with friends or with family. You will walk taller and people will feel your shift. 

It's time for women to Raise the Bar

If all women on the planet today decided to simultaneously raise the bar, men would have no option but to ditch the games and start treating us like the precious gifts we are. Learn how to honor, cherish and respect yourself and let's change this disastrous dating landscape for good!

22 Significant Exchanges

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