Shams Tabriz


Shams-Tabriz was born in Kampala, Uganda to parents with an East African lineage spanning from the early-mid 1800s — he has both an earlier Indian ancestry and an underlying Persian heritage. His family emigrated to Canada and the United States, where ultimately his personal interest in Sufi mysticism led him to explore Near-Eastern Religious Studies and Philosophy.

The pivotal moment in Shams-Tabriz’s life occurred when a young friend, Yasmin, died tragically in an automobile accident. While this was not the first time he had encountered death, suddenly, he was overcome with an indescribable longing to understand the reason for Yasmin’s death. This was not a question of whodunnit but an overwhelming philosophical, metaphysical need-to-know why the life of a beautiful, caring and joy-filled young woman would be brought to such a sudden and tragic end.

Driven by compulsion, Shams-Tabriz interrupted his studies to pursue an inextinguishable longing for the truth about death and the commensurate meaning of life and the nature of God and Man. In the years that followed, his understanding of spirituality broadened through his exploration of modern-day spiritual thought in addition to a newly-discovered objectivity toward the ancient beliefs he’d once thought he understood so well. During this time, he found himself nestled in the soft, crystal-filled hills off the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. There, he underwent an initiation of sorts into a world of esoteric knowledge rooted in personal experience — which was intrinsically different from that of the textbook beliefs of the ancients to which he’d once subscribed.

It was in these lush hills of North Carolina and later Georgia that Shams-Tabriz formed a deep friendship with a gifted psychic-channel named Elmarilla who lent herself as a conduit for the flow of wisdom and healing from the heavenly realms of pure divine love and compassion. With this guidance, Shams-Tabriz began to realize certain fundamental truths, foremost being that he was a child of God, an extension of God-essence, experiencing himself in the realm of the manifest-separateness of life-as-we-know-it. He also began to comprehend the greater meaning of life with all of its hardships and trials. He soon realized it was his purpose to make sense of the madness, to integrate the wisdom contained within the stories of his own life in order that he may embrace the grand destiny that awaits all of humanity. Simply stated, he saw that his purpose was to experience himself consciously as a divine being having a blessed life in the physical.

This was the beginning of Shams-Tabriz’s awakening to the greater wisdom for which he’d yearned. His journey into the full embrace of this reality continues, but it was at this pivotal time in his life that he first began to integrate the profound possibility of his destiny to fully know himself in this life as divine — a destiny intended for all of humanity, man and woman, great and small, those with coats-of-arms, crests and colors and those without. He soon came to see that, despite prevailing understanding and teachings, the essential message of the true, great ancients had been no different. They had come to teach that everyone was divine. All were sons and daughters of God. All were worthy. All were capable of emerging consciously into their divine humanness. And many of these great teachers had shown the way.

With the seeds of his divine garden planted, Shams-Tabriz turned to entrepreneurship. He spent many years growing a small, regional bakery into a national presence. Also in these years he ventured into real estate.

Throughout this time, Shams-Tabriz continued his spiritual journey. He practiced meditation and various alternative healing modalities. Ultimately, he established his own meditation circle. In these Wisdom Sessions, Shams-Tabriz surrenders to the flow of energies from the heavenly realms of pure divine love and compassion and guides participants in meditation and a sharing of wisdom. The source of the transmission assumes the name IRSHYA — and Shams-Tabriz channels the energies in much the same way he’d once been taught by Elmarilla,

His first book Soaring with Angels was written around this time and chronicles Shams-Tabriz’s spiritual journey and the knowledge he ascribed about the path to discovering one’s divinity. The book’s title comes from a Rumi poem in which the saint ponders that in the great span of his existence he has already been all things material and wonders what may come next after his human existence… Perhaps I might be found soaring with angels.

In recent years, Shams-Tabriz turned again to the pen. What emerged was not another discourse on self-discovery and the divine destiny of humanity but a remarkably layered serial-fiction series. The Magdalene Prophecy novels have been written as fast-paced mystery-thrillers, yet they are seeded with the deep spiritual insight that comes from both the wisdom Shams-Tabriz channels as well as the knowledge he has ascribed through the course of his personal life journey. Through the medium of popular fiction, he intends to slowly draw readers into a world where their disbelief can be suspended long enough to stretch their borders of perception and enable more of what is to be known.

At this time, Shams-Tabriz can be found splitting his time between Vancouver and Bali, where he treads lightly and continues to write.

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