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Hi I'm Shams-Tabriz

Join me and the Divine Feminine Collective to receive wisdom, love and guidance directly from the heavens each week!

In these powerful live sessions I will channel insight on a variety of topics including, sacred relationships, divine connection, healing and the rising of the divine feminine.

The sessions begin with a message from the Divine Feminine Collective that will be appropriate for the group that gathers. Each week there are magical synchronicities between the attendees.

There will also be a channeled Q&A section where your questions will be answered.

Fill yourself with precious heavenly insight and the highest of vibrations. It will feed your soul, fill your heart and remind you of Who You Are - a divine being in human form. ✨

Come with an open mind, an open heart and questions for The Divine Collective.

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For the past three decades I have strived to be a pure, clear, crystalline channel for the highest dimensions of divine consciousness. Over the last twenty years, my connection has vastly evolved.

Today when I channel I bring through the Divine Feminine Collective. This is a collective consciousness comprised of ascended masters, enlightened beings, and those from the angelic and other-worldly realms.

The Collective has stepped forward at this crucial time to transmit the powerful wisdom and healing energies of the Divine Feminine that are so crucial to the evolution of humanity at this pivotal moment in our history. 

I am deeply humbled to be in service to this great force of change in our world. 

Please join me and the Divine Feminine Collective as we gather in unity to embrace this unique and pivotal moment in humanity's evolution.

Live events

What they say

“The channeling with Shams-Tabriz was truly exceptional and uplifting”

ILDIKO molnar

- Hungary -

"I was continuously left speechless by the extraordinary information that was revealed through Shams-Tabriz"

bernie karr

- USA -

“Insightful, eye-opening, soul healing and filled with profound wisdom”

cathy yang

- Dubai -

“Shams-Tabriz’s channelings are such a blissful upleveling of humanity”

chi liza schulz

- Bali -

”The shifts that took place during the immersion in this field of energies was life-changing”

COCo oya ciennaray

- UK -