Inner Child


The Inner Child Experience has become one of the foundational aspects in the journey of healing and spiritual expansion when working with Shams-Tabriz and the Divine Feminine Collective.

The healing that can take place within these transformative sessions will assist you to release emotional baggage that you've been holding on to for decades, and catapult you into a new way of experiencing yourself in this world.

The Inner Child Experience was one of the most powerful processes I have done to connect with and release emotions that I didn’t consciously know I had stored. Emotions that had been weaved into my life, shaping my life experiences and beliefs that no longer serve me. It truly was a liberating experience that I felt safe to explore fully and freely with the gentle yet constructive support and guidance of Shams-Tabriz and the Divine Feminine Collective.

Katrina Baldwin, Australia

bring your subconscious into the

light of consciousness

We all have deep unconscious wounds within us from childhood. Without knowing, we carry these wounds into our current lives, creating our present day realities from a place of pain, mistrust, judgment, fear and anger.

What lies beneath?
  • The experiences in childhood that have created these wounds were not necessarily caused only by singular or ongoing events of extreme abuse or mistreatment.
  • Many people still suffer the consequences of repeated feelings of being overlooked, misunderstood, left-out, emotionally or physically neglected, not being valued for who they were. 
  • Many people experienced parents who were emotionally shut down themselves and so were not able to be present with their children. This can cause long term emotional damage.
  • These less prominent but no less significant ongoing experiences in childhood have left wounds that run very deeply and have created your ‘personality’ in the now.
  • You may think you are ‘just who you are’ without realizing that you have unconscious, unhealed childhood wounds that have turned into deeply destructive patterns, beliefs and ways of being.
 Break the cycles of pain for yourself and those around you
  • You may struggle to trust people in relationships. You may become fearful when someone gets close and so you push them away. Or maybe you become triggered much of the time and you fall into fights and tearful exchanges.
  • Maybe you can’t get over your beliefs in scarcity. Whatever mantras you try still don’t get you to that place of abundant flow.
  • Perhaps you have issues with anxiety or depression. Maybe you have nightmares and struggle to sleep at night.
  • Whatever the specifics are, you keep experiencing the same unwanted situations in your life over and over again, and you just can’t seem to shift through them to the other side.
  • You just want to be happy in your life. You desire for deep, genuine, authentic relationships. You long for abundance, freedom and clarity. You long to be at peace. You long to finally thrive.
  • If that’s the case then an Inner Child Experience could be just the thing that can take you to the next level.
 It's time to live your life in joy!

what happens in an inner child experience?

personal channeled reading

The Inner Child Experience begins with a 40-minute Personal Channeled Reading with Shams-Tabriz to set the stage for the journey. 

Inner Child JOURNEY

This is followed by the pivotal 2-hour Inner Child Journey. In this deeply catalyzing session you will be guided to explore varying themes in your childhood that are significant to your healing.

Shams-Tabriz creates a powerful energetic cocoon within which you explore your own childhood. You will not be guided to see anything that you are not ready to see. All of the information comes from within you.

During this Journey, Shams-Tabriz will be guided to weave the magic and connect the significant dots together so that you may gain much clarity about your life. Once seen, you can begin the process of releasing the patterns and beliefs tied to the wound created in childhood.

after care & inner child integration session

The Inner Child Journey is an energetic session with lasting emotional and vibrational effects. Be sure to hydrate well afterwards. You may feel old emotions rising to the surface, and while it may not feel very pleasant or convenient in your life, it is a blessed aspect of the healing taking place.

After the Inner Child Journey you will most likely have many emotions, thoughts and memories rising to the surface. This is all part of the process. In order to dive deeper into releasing the wounds, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you it is important to stay with the process.

Often there is more that is ready to be uncovered if you allow yourself to gently release the pain of the past.

Allow the emotions to rise without trying to distract yourself. Try to rest as much as you need to within the first few days after a session. Some people feel emotional for the week following the session so be prepared for that. Sometimes more memories also rise to the surface. Keep a journal if that helps and write down any clarity you gain.

Within about a week following your Inner Child Journey, we will schedule your Inner Child Integration Session, in which Shams-Tabriz will provide comfort, support and insight as you integrate the experience into your conscious being.

Remember, you will have gifted yourself with a deeply healing experience. Treat yourself with gentleness and kindness. You may feel sadness around the clarity you’ve gained. You may feel let-down by certain people. This is all completely understandable and normal. Your feelings are all valid. Let them rise.

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Inner Child Experience


The Inner Child Experience includes

• 40-minute Personal Reading ($220)
• 2-hour Inner Child Journey ($660)
• 40-minute Inner Child Integration Session ($220)

A total value of $1,100

love for shams-tabriz and the divine feminine collective

What they say

“ Shams-Tabriz was recommended by a dear friend. 

My session with him and his spiritual team was life affirming. 

With his channel to Divine loving consciousness, he assisted me in the necessary frequencies to make a decision I had been deeply struggling with.

After the call tonight, I knew exactly what I had to do and felt a new level of peace and acceptance over the issue that I have not felt before.

After the session I was skipping underneath the night sky feeling a feeling of deep sense of freedom and joy and completion.

I welcome in this new book of my life. I’ve already recommended him to another friend who booked immediately. If you’re needing divine guidance, I fully recommend booking a session with Shams-Tabriz."

imani nic

- Mexico -