Life Mastery

Private Elevated Mentorship with

LEADERS, peace-makers & LIGHT-WORKERs

a 12-week personal mentorship for those wishing to transcend themselves and their work with elevated guidance

Leaders, Peace-Makers & Light-Workers,

Transform your life with the exclusive Life Mastery Private Elevated Mentorship with Shams-Tabriz.

You will receive intimate guidance and support tailored to your unique needs in specific areas of your life, including your personal wellbeing, your relationships, your purpose, your gifts and your work. 

The program includes weekly live sessions with ongoing additional support as needed. Plus, gain access to our guided meditations and other practices for even more transformational power.

In this powerful container of one-on-one support, you will receive the personalized attention you deserve. With our guidance, you can expect to produce outstanding, long-lasting results in all areas of your life. 

A life of absolute joy, adventure and passion is available.

A life of powerful impact awaits you. 

It’s up to you to claim it!

what people are saying about 

I was well aware of the magic that could be weaved through the words channelled through Shams-Tabriz, but actually working with him was beyond my expectations.
It came at a time when I was really struggling and felt a little lost and had just gone through a major transition.
The shifts that took place during the immersion in this field of energies were life changing.
To be privy to such close contact with  the energies of the Divine Feminine Collective on a weekly basis really helped me to understand who I am as a person and helped clarify questions I have never been able to answer in all the 22 years that I have been on a spiritual quest.  
I just want to say I have such deep, deep gratitude to you Shams -Tabriz for all that you gave me. I feel forever blessed.
I thank you so much. It truly was a divine intervention and blessing. 

coco oya ciennarey - London

To say that working with Shams-Tabriz met what I anticipated and hoped that it would be, is a massive understatement. It is safe to say that it exceeded what I could have even imagined it to be. 
It was a beautiful experience to work with Shams- Tabriz. I was continuously left speechless by the extraordinary information that was revealed and presented each week. 
I consider myself fortunate beyond words to have been able to work with Shams-Tabriz.

bernie karr - usa

Every time I have a session with Shams-Tabriz, I  remember who I am, who we are as human beings.
His channelings are surprisingly joyful and full of incredible mindset shifts and understandings - how our world functions and what powerful creators we are by default.
I can not recommend him enough.
The powerful presence of Shams-Tabriz and the presence when the Divine Feminine Collective come forth with their highest and finest frequencies are cell-penetrating and really changing my state of being.
Initially it felt surreal, but after the second experience it simply felt so normal. I really started to remember who I was before all the programming and conditioning imposed upon me early on.
The work I do directly with Shams-Tabriz is nourishing my heart, activating my joy and giving so so much permission to live a life in joy and trust.  
I feel I can come home to me even more, grounding into my human experience, being in peace with the chaos in and outside of me during my human experience. I walk away with so much permission to be free and happy!
Shams-Tabriz's channelings are such a blissful upleveling of humanity.

chi lisa schulz - BALI

I reached out to Shams-Tabriz as I am entering into a time of my life when I wanted to boost my spiritual practice.
I was feeling ungrounded in my career and my spiritual path. Immediately I felt at ease, loved and given clear paths for my work and for my spiritual practice.  
Questions were answered in a high vibration commentary.  I understood clearly all that was being presented to me.  
In the very beginning and the ending of my particular channeling session, I felt a powerful warmth of love surround me and then go within.  
My heart opened up easily and with warmth.  I continue to feel at ease, with a new sense of strength and assurance.  
I have never experienced such a loving, powerful channeling.  I am in deep gratitude for Shams-Tabriz's work.

marty collins - Canada 

what's included in the Life Mastery mentorship?

Live Mentorship Sessions

12 weekly 60-minute live sessions.

Insight & Guidance from Shams-Tabriz & Irshya

Receive unequalled wisdom that transcends time and space -- seeing through the ages to the roots of your wounds, fears, judgments and patterns in order to free you from what keeps you from fully experiencing your magnificence and freedom.

Additional Support as Needed

Receive ongoing chat support each week as you progress on your journey of Life Mastery. 

Life Mastery 
Private Elevated Mentorship

Shams-Tabriz offers a limited number of Private Mentorships each year.
Several spaces are opening at the end of June & early July.
Claim yours now!

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Experience a complete shift in your perception of yourself and the world.

Say goodbye to confusion, struggle, and exhaustion and hello to clarity, purpose, and vitality.

Build sacred, ennobling relationships that honor your dignity and worth.

Let go of old patterns and embody a more divine expression. With heavenly guidance, conduct your relationships from a place of grace, peace, and fulfillment.

Find inner peace and calm:

Learn to become the calm at the center of the storm instead of a victim of life's circumstances. As you deepen your understanding of the healing process, you'll be triggered less and less, allowing you to live a calmer, lighter, and more peaceful life.

Reset your Inner Compass and connect to the Wisdom of the Ages within you:

Learn to live in the present moment without fear or regret. This newfound freedom will allow you to walk through life with joy, grace, and ease feeling deeply connected to All That Is. Open yourself to your gifts and step into a new way of being in the world. Who know what gifts may emerge through your journey of healing and transformation.

Become the Master of Your Life:

Life mastery is something to be honed and practiced. Once you learn and deeply experience how life is always assisting you, you can become the captain of your ship in a way that you may have never believed was possible. It's your time to be a fully grounded and human being, fully connected to your divinity, creating life from a place of clarity, strength and sovereignty. 

Join me for this life-changing experience and discover the true power within you.

Shams-Tabriz &

My name is Shams-Tabriz, so named by my parents who were inspired by the great friend of Rumi. I am a teacher, a guide and a spiritual channel. I am also the author of Awaken To Brilliance, The Magdalene Prophecy and Soaring With Angels.

I teach people about this pivotal moment in history in which humanity is evolving in consciousness and in our way of being in this world, and I guide people to heal and transcend the shadows of old that stand in the way of their emerging brilliance.

I channel a collective consciousness that is named Irshya. Irshya, who have also been referred to as the Divine Feminine Collective, is a collective field of pure compassion, wisdom and light. Within this field are ascended masters, enlightened beings, and those from the angelic and other-worldly realms. Irshya has stepped forward at this crucial time to transmit the powerful wisdom and healing energies of the Divine Feminine that are integral to the evolution of humanity at this time.

Irshya is always with me, even when I am not strictly channeling. In my work, my compassion, understanding, insights and guidance are enriched by theirs. My work is directed for the emerging lightworkers of our time — teachers, healers, coaches, empaths, visionaries, creatives and wayshowers — who are emboldening themselves and evolving their gifts to benefit humanity.

I am humbled to be in service to this great, expanding force of change in our world.

Who is The life mastery mentorship for?

Break Free From Suffering

It's time for a real, lasting change. No more talk therapy or quick fixes that only offer temporary relief. Our Elevated Mentorship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to break free from the chaos and reclaim your life. You deserve to feel at ease, to experience joy, and to embody your true purpose.

Enjoy Honoring Relationships

Transform your relationships and create the deep, honoring connections you deserve. Whether you're feeling overlooked in your love life, drained in your friendships, or struggling with difficult family members, it's time to take control. You don't have to settle for less than you deserve. Discover how to move from an undignified existence to one of conscious, loving relationships that fill you with joy and fulfillment

Fulfill Your Purpose for Being

Elevate your gifts and discover how to realize your purpose in this life. Inject vibrant color back into your life. If you've had moments of fulfillment, grace, peace, or energy and want them to last longer, then it's time to awaken to your true potential. Learn to experience the magic of life every day by reclaiming who you truly are.

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