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12 weeks of profound transformation with the divine feminine collective

Are you ready to transform your life? The Elevated Mentorship is here to support you on a 12-week journey of intensive transformational mentoring that is elevated by the wisdom and guidance of the Divine Feminine Collective.

This isn't your typical mentoring program. We dive deep into your patterns and beliefs, helping you shift what has persisted for years - even lifetimes.  

Life is a divine intelligence forever in service to your evolution, but it takes mastering the art of noticing life's signs and knowing what to do with them. That's where Elevated Mentorship comes in. You'll benefit from the channeled guidance of the Divine Feminine Collective and the years of personal experience from our team.

Join Elevated Mentorship and watch your life soar to new heights. Are you ready for the transformation? 

Elevated Mentorship 

We are now offering intensive transformational mentoring that is elevated by the wisdom and guidance of the Divine Feminine Collective.

The 12-week journey will support you in creating tangible change in your life. You can expect to shift patterns and beliefs that have persisted for years, often lifetimes.

Imagine a hot air balloon that is weighed down by burlap sacks filled with sand. The sandbags represent every wound, every thought, every belief, every fear, every judgment, and every pattern that holds you down. As these are examined and released, both consciously and energetically, your balloon naturally rises.

What is not commonly understood is that Life is a divine intelligence that is forever in service to your evolution. Life is the great teacher and always seeks to show you the path forward. All you must do is master the art of noticing life's signs and learning what to do with what you see.

This is why Elevated Mentorship is such a powerful gift. You stand to benefit from the channeled guidance of the Divine Feminine Collective as well as the years of personal experience Shams-Tabriz and Joanna Tamsin have gained from their own personal journeys - and from having assisted others in bringing multidimensional change to their lives.

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12 x live Channeled mentorship Sessions
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Drop inS for ongoing support
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package of guided audios, practices and tools 

In this life-changing 12-week journey, you will partake in weekly live sessions with Joanna Tamsin, Shams-Tabriz & the Divine Feminine Collective in which you will receive elevated wisdom and practical guidance to help navigate your life.

You will be equipped with structure, awareness practices, guided audios, or whatever is deemed necessary to help you to implement real, lasting change. 

You will also have regular drop-in sessions to assist you in the implementation of that week's specific practices.

Throughout, you will be filled with the highest, finest frequencies of the Divine Feminine Collective. Sustaining these heavenly vibrations will facilitate a deep healing within you, in all aspects of your being.

what people are saying about 

The Elevated Mentorship Circle

The Elevated Mentorship Circle can bring profound transformation to your life, but don't just take our word for it. 

Hear what our beloved participants have to say about how their lives shifted, expanded and improved way beyond their expectations! 

The same level of healing and expansion is here for you, when you choose for it. 

We say "Why not choose for it now?!"


- Japan -

When I joined the Elevated Mentorship I was going through such a heartbreaking separation from my husband at that time and I was in a vortex of sadness and anger. I was seeking guidance on how to go through this situation with my painful heart.
I would highly recommend their Elevated Mentorship to everyone! Thanks to Shams-Tabriz and Joanna that I was able to go through the most painful moment so quickly and gently. 
All the sessions were so powerful and I was able to bring my power back and love myself.  I feel so strong now, more than ever.
I was held by their deep love and I felt so supported and safe.
I realized my value and I love myself now. I am no longer afraid to tell the truth to anyone. Now I live in so much gratitude for all. It is incredible to see myself move from the long dark tunnel that I thought would never end at that time, to feeling so much love. Thank you so much to Shams-Tabriz and Joanna for your love, compassion, and wisdom.
They are truly love itself with so much wisdom.
  • Learn with others in community 
  • Enjoy the support of your peers
  • Make friends who will come to know you deeply

12 Weeks of Elevated Mentorship | $2500

Payment plans are available

Please follow the above link to explore your options

What you'll shift in 12 transformational weeks

Your experience of being YOU in the world will change:

Your very experience of self will shift from one of a struggling, confused and exhausted human to an enlivened, clear and purposeful being who knows the truth of their divine grace and dignity.

You will feel lighter. More at ease. Stronger in your bearing. You will know the process of true healing and evolution so that when any challenges in life occur, you will have the wisdom, clarity, strength, and the tools to know how to walk through them with grace.

You will Know that Life is always working for you, never against you.

You will invite sacredness into your relationships:

Learn how to profoundly impact your current relationships and set the stage for inviting dignified, ennobling, sacred relationships into your life. 

Begin to heal old patterns and embody a more dignified and divine expression. 

With heavenly guidance, begin to conduct your relationships from a place of grace, peace, and fulfillment. 

No more projecting onto each other, no more feeling unsafe, no more unworthiness. Only honor, dignity, and true intimacy will be carried forward in your relationships.

You will be triggered less:

You will shift from feeling as if you are not in control - a victim of life, at the whim of everyone - to knowing what it means to truly be the calm at the center of the storm.

You will come to understand the process of healing so profoundly that when emotions do arise to be released you will know that it’s not because you’re broken or crazy.

You will understand that you are healing all of your experiences of old in order to step into your divine, integrated experience of self.

The more you heal, the less you will be triggered. The calmer, lighter and more peaceful your life becomes.

Your connection to inner wisdom and to the divine realms becomes clearer:

The more you take in this new reality of Who You Truly Are, you will feel ever more connected to your own inner compass and to the divine realms.

You will be able to live more in your body without numbing or hiding and more in the present moment without fear for the future or regret of the past.

This is such a freeing way to live that you may only have tasted in fleeting ways. This can now become your new way of being, where you feel so guided and trusting in life and in yourself that you walk through life with joy, grace and ease.

why work with 

Some people who desire to make changes will often go to a coach with the intention to implement practical strategies in their life. 

But without a shift of energy, without the high vibrations that facilitate deep cellular healing, the strategies all remain mind-based. And you can't heal yourself or shift your patterns only through your mind.

The shift needs to be embodied fully. It needs to happen multidimensionally, on levels including and transcending the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Other people who seek guidance and clarity might go in search of a one-off session. 

If the channel is pure and bringing through high vibrational messages, you will often feel lifted by the experience. You might even be blown away. 

You might feel in a daze for a few days and decide that you will implement everything that was explained to you.

But then time passes, and the message begins to fade. You slip back into the chaos and density of your usual patterns, and after a few weeks the session feels like a distant memory. 

And nothing in your life changes. Sound familiar?

The intention of our elevated mentorship package is that you not only carry the information received by the heavens forward, but that you are guided and held in this high vibrational space for long enough to make truly significant changes in your life.

It is a deeply personal, deeply transformational, once in a lifetime opportunity to shift out of suffering and into your freedom.

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elevated mentorship circle



The first time I went to one of the wisdom sessions, it felt like a homecoming.
My heart knew there was something very important for me here. I didn’t even understand what I wanted to talk to Shams-Tabriz and Joanna about but I just knew I had to meet them 1:1 and so I did. I arrived with no idea why I was there but things quickly unraveled and the divine feminine collective came through communicating to me everything I knew in my heart to be true and had been trusting for the past two years. But to have someone other than that tiny whisper in my heart affirm and echo back this all back to me.. it was probably one of the best days of my life. 
I then took the decision to join the Elevated Mentorship Circle and with the loving support of Shams-Tabriz, Joanna and the divine feminine collective I transversed a deep healing and purification of old unexpressed debris from childhood I had never felt safe enough to feel. I cultivated a new found sense of safety that allowed me to express what I feel in each moment, something I always felt fearful to do since I was a child. But more than anything it rooted me more into trust in my own soul’s journey, intuition and unique gifts. 
It has been a divine gift to be supported by Shams-Tabriz, Joanna and the Divine Collective. I experienced a healing that was so profound, powerful yet gentle and loving. The way they held us throughout this journey together is something I will forever hold close to my heart. I pray for every single person in the world to experience this way of healing. 

Shams-Tabriz &
The Divine Feminine Collective

For the past three decades of my adult life, I have strived to be a pure, clear, crystalline channel for the highest dimensions of divine consciousness. Over the last twenty years, my connection has vastly evolved.

Today when I channel, I step aside from my own consciousness and bring through the Divine Feminine Collective. This is a collective consciousness comprised of ascended masters, enlightened beings, and those from the angelic and other-worldly realms.

The Collective has stepped forward at this crucial time to transmit the powerful wisdom and healing energies of the Divine Feminine that are so crucial to the evolution of humanity at this pivotal moment in our history. 

I am humbled to be in service to this great force of change in our world. Please join me and the Divine Feminine Collective as we gather in unity to embrace this unique and pivotal moment in humanity's evolution.

Joanna Tamsin
An Embodiment of Healing

I spent a lifetime experiencing emptiness and powerlessness in the form of distorted relationships, humiliation, and self-defeat, without ever understanding where it came from. Lacking any clarity or guidance, I adopted patterns and behaviours that only distracted and numbed me from the heaviness of life. I knew only the futility of life and was barely surviving.

After suffering yet another indignity simultaneously in my relationship and my business I reached my wits end. I escaped to the forests on the outskirts of my childhood home. There I magically and unexpectedly discovered a life-force in nature that was unlike anything I'd ever imagined. And my deep hunger to understand God was awakened.

As I followed this desire to know the divinity of life and of myself, I began to heal my wounds, patterns, and beliefs. The more I healed, the more my innate divine gifts began to open. I now channel the most beautiful, crystalline healing energies.

I know that deep healing and transformational shift is possible for you because I am an embodiment of that healing. I know what you're going through and I know you can move through it. I see you in your divinity and I see you in your humanness. I know you have the ability to transcend your suffering in the way that I did. Now is the time for you to choose for it. Choose for it powerfully!

Choose for you. Choose for your dignity. Choose for your liberty. 

Dona Jolie

- USA -

I found Shams-Tabriz and Joanna as I was navigating a sudden and very tumultuous separation from my husband.  
The guidance that was offered to me during the Sacred Wisdom Sessions and later in the Elevated Mentorship resonated so deeply within my being and supported me to understand why I was experiencing what I was.
The Divine Feminine Collective was able to shine light onto the areas within me that needed healing and attention, while also giving me very simple and practical tools for processing and releasing the unresolved shadows and patterns that had been holding me back.
After just a few months of working with Shams-Tabriz, Joanna, and The Divine Feminine Collective, I feel like a new woman who is on a divinely guided path filled with strength, courage, freedom and abundance!
I am forever grateful!


~healing your wounds & patterns

~creating sacred relationship in your life

~strengthening your divine connection

Who is this Mentorship for?

You desire to shift out of suffering

You have been experiencing your own version of suffering for a while now, and something needs to give. You've had enough.

You've tried so many different methods to shift out of the dark clouds but nothing has worked.

Maybe you've had coaching or talk therapy. Maybe you've tried breathwork or plant medicines. Maybe you've been to see your doctor. But nothing seems to offer any real or lasting relief from your suffering. You almost feel at your wits end.

Life isn't getting easier. The chaos seems to be getting louder, the anxiety even more crippling, the bouts of depression and despair even deeper. And the exhaustion never abates. It's almost too much to bear. You're wondering if you're doomed to live this reality forever.


Whether you're struggling in your current romantic relationship or you're single and feeling overlooked.

Whether you don't know how to deal with a difficult family member or you feel used and drained within your friendships. 

You just don't feel honored in any way, but you don't want to spend your life alone. After all, being treated poorly is better than being alone... Right?

The thought of a soulmate inspires you. But what does that even mean? And what would it feel like?

You're tired of living an undignified life. You deeply desire to be in conscious, loving and honoring relationships but you don't know how to move from where you currently are to where you wish to be.


Maybe your life has lost its color. You're living a day to day existence that feels a bit mundane and monochromatic.

Perhaps you've had occasional experiences of a feeling of grace descending over you.

Or you've felt such peace when you've meditated or spent time at a retreat. 

Maybe you've felt energy move through you when you place your hand on a tree or gaze up at the stars.

But all of these things felt so fleeting, so momentary. Once these short experiences end, you find yourself pulled back into your day to day existence.

You deeply desire to touch this magical way of being more often. In fact you want it to be how you experience all of life.

If any of this speaks to you, true Freedom is at-hand 

elevated mentorship is for you

~expect profound tangible change in your life

~shift patterns that have persisted for years

~overcome CHALLENGES with grace

~learn to experience the magic in life

12-week Elevated Mentorship | $2500

Please follow the above link to explore your options

More transformations with the Elevated Mentorship 

I was well aware of the magic that could be weaved through the words channelled through Shams-Tabriz, but actually working with him was beyond my expectations.
It came at a time when I was really struggling and felt a little lost and had just gone through a major transition.
The shifts that took place during the immersion in this field of energies were life changing.
To be privy to such close contact with  the energies of the Divine Feminine Collective on a weekly basis really helped me to understand who I am as a person and helped clarify questions I have never been able to answer in all the 22 years that I have been on a spiritual quest.  
I just want to say I have such deep, deep gratitude to you Shams -Tabriz for all that you gave me. I feel forever blessed.
I thank you so much. It truly was a divine intervention and blessing. 

coco oya ciennarey - London

To say that working with Shams-Tabriz met what I anticipated and hoped that it would be, is a massive understatement. It is safe to say that it exceeded what I could have even imagined it to be. 
It was a beautiful experience to work with Shams- Tabriz. I was continuously left speechless by the extraordinary information that was revealed and presented each week. 
I consider myself fortunate beyond words to have been able to work with Shams-Tabriz.

bernie karr - usa

Every time I have a session with Shams-Tabriz, I  remember who I am, who we are as human beings.
His channelings are surprisingly joyful and full of incredible mindset shifts and understandings - how our world functions and what powerful creators we are by default.
I can not recommend him enough.
The powerful presence of Shams-Tabriz and the presence when the Divine Feminine Collective come forth with their highest and finest frequencies are cell-penetrating and really changing my state of being.
Initially it felt surreal, but after the second experience it simply felt so normal. I really started to remember who I was before all the programming and conditioning imposed upon me early on.
The work I do directly with Shams-Tabriz is nourishing my heart, activating my joy and giving so so much permission to live a life in joy and trust.  
I feel I can come home to me even more, grounding into my human experience, being in peace with the chaos in and outside of me during my human experience. I walk away with so much permission to be free and happy!
Shams-Tabriz's channelings are such a blissful upleveling of humanity.

chi lisa schulz - germany

Elevated Mentorship

with Shams-Tabriz, Joanna Tamsin
the Divine Feminine Collective

This is an extremely rare opportunity to work closely with them all together


Payment plans are available

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