Personal Channeled Readings

with Shams-Tabriz 

Get the heavenly perspective on your life

Wisdom ~ Clarity ~ Healing

Shams-Tabriz is once again making himself available to those wishing for a Personal Channeled Reading. In these incredibly powerful 1:1 sessions, you will receive guidance directly from the heavens on any area of your life.

Insightful, eye opening, soul healing and filled with profound wisdom.
Cathy Yang, Taiwan

A Personal Message from Shams-Tabriz:

I would like to invite you to experience your very own personal channeling session with me. The readings will be both informational and vibrational, impacting you consciously and energetically, and providing you with insight and guidance to help you make choices for your best and highest good.

For the past three decades of my adult life, I have strived to be a pure, clear crystalline channel for the highest dimensions of consciousness. Over the last twenty years, my connection has vastly evolved.

Today when I channel, I bring through Irshya ā€” a collective field of pure compassion, wisdom and light. Within this field are ascended masters, enlightened beings, and those from the angelic and other-worldly realms. We have also referred to this consciousness as the Divine Feminine Collective.

Irshya has stepped forward at this crucial time to transmit the powerful wisdom and healing energies of the Divine Feminine that are integral to the evolution of humanity at this time.

I am humbled to be in service to this great force of change in our world. Please join me as we gather in unity.



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What they say

Ildiko Molnar 


The channeling with Shams-Tabriz was truly exceptional and uplifting.

I have not only received answers to some specific questions about areas in my life where I felt stuck or uncertain about concrete next steps, but also I was seen in my full true nature - uncovered.

Everything that has been said felt very aligned and even several days after the channeling I felt an intense inner calmness and unwavering strength.

It was an elevating experience that I highly recommend if you wish to get closer to the highest divine source and to your true self.

Coco oya ciennaray


I have such deep, deep gratitude to you Shams-Tabriz for all that you gave me.

I feel forever blessed. You came at a time when I was really struggling and felt a little lost and had just gone through a major transition. 

The shifts that took place during the immersion in this field of energies was life changing.

To be privy to such close contact with Mary, her beloved and the others' energies on a regular basis really helped me to understand who I am as a person and helped clarify questions I have never been able to answer in all the 22 years that I have been on a spiritual quest.

The wisdom that moves through Shams-Tabriz is pure and true. There is so much confusion out in the world around what is right and true regarding spiritual wisdom.

I know from my own perspective so much of what I had heard in the field previously had not resonated and so there will be others that need this kind of clarity/confirmation too.

I am eternally grateful for the work of Shams-Tabriz.

Chi lisa schulz


The powerful presence of Shams-Tabriz and the presence when Mary comes forth with her highest and finest frequencies are cell-penetrating and really changing my state of being. 

These channelings of Mary the divine is nourishing my heart, activating my joy and giving so so much permission to live a life in joy and trust.  

It is such a gift to have found aligned wisdom that deeply speaks to my soul. Shams Tabriz's channelings are such a blissful upleveling of humanity. I am beyond grateful.

bernie karr


The wisdom that came forth from The Magdalene was incredible. It was golden.

I was continuously left speechless by the extraordinary information that was revealed and presented through Shams-Tabriz. 

It was a beautiful experience to work with Shams- Tabriz and Joanna Tamsin. They both go the extra mile to see to it that their work is all that it can be. They both are nothing but genuine and unpretentious. 

sasha allan

South Africa

The channeling with Shams-Tabriz was so full of love and light.

I was so moved and overwhelmed by feeling the Divine presence. And it has definitely helped in expanding my consciousness even more by reminding me of who I am and why Iā€™m here.

Words will never be able to describe what I felt.

So grateful šŸ’›āœØ

cathy yang


Insightful, eye opening, soul healing and filled with profound wisdom.

I went to see Shams-Tabriz as I was seeking clarity on my life purpose and future as well as unresolved emotions related to past trauma and pain.

The questions were answered with clarity, no mystification, only compelling truth. Shams-Tabriz's energy gently stepped aside into the background during the channeling and I felt like I was talking directly to the divine and angelic realms.

The messages were eye opening and humbling and were articulated to fit my level of understanding. The wisdom continues to unfold now even though weeks have past since my session.

Now I wake up each day with more clarity and a better understanding of myself on so many levels and my heart is lighter.

I asked for a reading but instead I was given a book filled with wisdom and inspiration.

With his gift, Shams-Tabriz channels the high vibrations of source energy and for the last 30 years has devoted his life to helping people find clarity in their lives.

His wisdom, his presence and energy speaks for itself. I have immeasurable gratitude for Shams-Tabriz and the beautiful gifts he offers.