A fast-paced religion-based mystery, full of suspicion, treachery and questions
Enjoyable and easy to read, fast-paced and full of questions that keep you wanting more

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading the first instalment of The Magdalene Prophecy, but from the start, I was roped in.
Beginning with the findings of an almost mythical artefact ‘The bronze globe’ with a history steeped in suspicion was exciting and set the scene for this fast-paced mystery.

Set in Rome, a beautiful but also stifling atmosphere emerged as two former lovers worked feverishly to dedicate themselves to keeping some important religious artefacts falling into the wrong hands, believing wholeheartedly in the prophecy of Mary Magdalene.

What follows is a Da-Vinci Code-like adventure as mysterious higher powers become involved in the search for the valuable Globe and Codex.

Yael, a dangerous and worthy foe is hired to find the thieves and solve the crime, working discreetly to keep the information from both the public and even the Vatican, yet all is not what it seems to be, the biggest twist is yet to come!

This novel was fast-paced and so shrouded in mystery that it kept my interest until the end, the characters were well written and despite being the supposed ‘bad guy’, I found myself needing to know more about the enigmatic Yael and even more about the secret prophecy and what it foretold.
What was Cardinal Sidaris’ place in all of this? And what are the so-called ‘Loyals’ that were referred to in Yael’s company?

So many questions that I’m curious to know the answer to plus the ending of the book spoke of much more to come, could the prophecy speak of the truth after all?

So onto the next Magdalene Prophecy instalment I go…

~ The International Review of Books

A brilliant read full of twists and turns and will leave you guessing until the end

This is the first book in ‘The Magdalene Prophecy’ series and it’s full of action, twists and turns that will keep you reading to the very end. The combination of Christianity and crime fiction makes this a potential future read for fans of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ series and of Peter James’ ‘Absolute Proof’. I like books that take a well-known story and ask “what if?” to create something brand new. The author develops the characters well, taking time to flash back to Yael’s past, allowing us to understand her and her motivations as she tracks clues across Europe.

Adding female strength to the stories from The Bible, this is a brilliant read full of twists and turns and will leave you guessing until the end.

~ LoveReading lovereading.co.uk



An exciting highly-articulate masterpiece!

The book begins with the story of Yael, a hired detective/assassin whose mission is to solve a mysterious event involving a ransom letter delivered to the Vatican for a secret treasure that has never been documented in their library. After a series of clues and tragedies, Yael finds herself involved in many adrenaline rushing, frenetic “twists and turns” in her search for the said treasure. Leaves the reader questioning many facets of the secret treasure – Where is it? What is it? Is it real?

In its entirety, the book is thrilling! Suspenseful! Riveting! Exciting! Energetic! Unique! Fascinating! I really liked it! From the first paragraph, I was fully involved in the content of the plot, the characters, feeling the energy between the words and emotions between the spaces of the words. The consistent, adrenaline rushing flow to the story, absent of any pause, kept me wanting to read more. Intriguing! Just when I felt I had guessed what was occurring in the vigorous plot, a new “twist” in the storyline eliminated previous conclusions. With all the twists and turns to the plot, along with all characters involved, there is clarity in the overall presence of each aspect of the book. With each page, it kept me fully engaged. I did not want to put it down!

As a spiritual fiction, I found a deeper meaning along with Divine Feminine energy, infused in its entirety and added more energy to the storyline.

Finding aspects of myself in Yael, was evident and made the story even more intriguing. I travelled with her, within and externally, feeling her emotions, being a part of her personal “story”. Many parts of the book one thinks a certain event or situation was happening, only to become aware there was a deeper message hidden.

Clear your schedule when you are reading this book, as you will not want to stop until it ends. Even then, you will want it to continue. Definitely, a must read. And is so depicting of the current time we are in. Very timely! You might want to refer to it a Divine timing.

The imagination of the story line and its characters was ingenius. Such creativity! I commend the author, Shams-Tabriz for this exciting, highly articulate “masterpiece”. I relate it to sitting on an intricately woven tapestry, interwoven with the most luxurious colorful threads, taking you on a “magic carpet ride”. Truly fascinating! So inspiring! Imaginative!

I would, highly, recommend this as a Netflix movie. Would be wonderful to see it on a big screen.

~Charmaine A.

Complex characters, twists and turns jump off the pages

Shams-Tabriz has authored an edge of your seat book filled with intrigue and mystery. As the divine feminine moves throughout the history of Christianity, Mary Magdalene’s life, prophecy and teachings have grabbed the attention of authors and readers like myself and this is a welcomed read.

Yael (the novel’s sleuth) is investigating a ransom demand received at the Vatican. With few clues to go by and time running out we enter into a fast paced mystery. Complex characters, twists and turns jump off the pages which makes this an exciting read.

~Susan D

A skilled storyteller!

A thought provoking thriller that kept me turning the pages. Intricate plot twists that made me question what this life is all about. Perhaps Shams is a fortune teller? He is certainly a skilled storyteller!

~NetGalley Reviewer

A breathless, heart-stopping Tour de Force!

Unashamedly written in the tradition of now classic books such as the “Da Vinci Code” and “The Celestine Prophecy”, the Author Shams Tabriz has produced a more than worthy new entry into the genre.

“Quickening” is a breathless, heart-stopping Tour de Force – spiritual action/thriller/spy novel – a curtain raiser I assume, to a much larger story to unfold.

The events gather momentum right from the off and had me glued for page after page. Chapters are short and the storyline is tight, although characters have been given enough space to come alive. Only minutes into my first read, I was immediately struck by the Author’s elegant and sophisticated use of the English language, which came as a pleasant surprise and was indeed very much appreciated.

As I was quickly progressing through the pages and chapters, the expectedly dramatic events culminated in a worthy crescendo, leaving me scampering for a copy of Part 2, which I knew would lead to a tie up of several loose ends.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed “Quickening”, Part 1 of “The Magdalene Prophecy” Trilogy and would strongly recommend this book to anyone, who has an interest in spirituality-based suspense stories.


A great read!

It took me a bit to get my bearings, but once I got that it was a great read. Some great insights in what would be if Mary Magdalene was viewed differently, an apostle, and confidant of Jesus, and in that aspect it made me think. The character of Yael really comes to life in this book, you start with a non-feeling, stone faced warrior, and through her investigation you learn about her and she learns about herself, a crack in façade is opening and she is learning to feel and care.

Just when you think the mystery of The Magdalene Prophecy is solved, nope … looking forward to the next book. And yes, I want to see how Yael evolves as I feel like she has so much to give, and I want to find out more about Thomas, there has to be more to that part of the story.

~NetGalley Reviewer

A great, enjoyable read!

An enjoyable read for everyone who likes page-turning, breathtaking, thrilling reads. It will keep you on the needle from the first letter to the last.

It’s a strong, tightly woven story with very convincing -and frequently under threat- protagonists, mixing religion and science, that makes you want to find out what is going to happen next. And with a fair amount of research put into the story -the description of the symbols and history is amazing.

The author knows how to intertwine history, thrill and treasure hunt so perfectly that one cannot let his eyes let off the book!

~Oscar C.

An extraordinary, compelling thriller for our times!

Through the investigation of the theft of the most precious Magdalene Prophecy the author brilliantly tests the limits of what we can know for certain about the institutional powers that lead us, about those we are closest to, and by extension, about ourselves.

I felt the story to be radiant and visionary, giving a perfect balance of dynamic characterization with the historical and social realities of the subject. The different characters were presented in such a way as to make me think about what it means to be human. I found it interesting that when led into dangerous territory, the characters were all faced with a difficult moral choice. I also noticed that by the journey’s end, I was enriched and enlightened by the lives I had witnessed.

At first sight, the protagonist Yael seemed to be detached from her own emotions from having suffered a traumatic childhood and decides to gradually transform herself into a perfect warrior. This single decision blazed her own trail, on which she encountered compromise, ambivalence and exhilaration. How many of us are in similar shoes without looking into the details of the very life choices we’ve made that speak volumes?

Amid a host of other hidden messages, the book seemed to carry key information about the captivating exploration of divine female power. This seems to serve as a tribute to the million-petalled flower of pure, heartfelt love which points the way towards hope and a new understanding of our human identity. Needless to say, Quickening graces us with its many insights and will surely often get a second reading.

~Nora S.

One surprise after another … delicious twists and turns!

This book is exciting from the start, I was captivated within the first paragraph!

There is suspense in this book created by one surprise after another, and delicious twists and turns. I enjoyed the element of mystery and was intrigued by the bits of history woven through a well-told story, along with a subtle uplifting and comforting quality, it left me with a sense of hope.

I’m intrigued to continue on to the next book!

~Sharon R.

This book is pure magic and a true force to be reckoned with!

Not only is one immediately caught up in the fast pace of the story line, with it’s extraordinary plot twists and unexpected character reveals, but just behind this excitement lies a truth that is undeniable. There is much more to the Christian story than we have been taught.

Like a matador with his bull, Shams uses his characters as the red cape to taunt, tease and dare his readers into the ring, where once inside, there is no turning back.

I found my entire body tingling to the truths that danced between the pages and an awakening within to a call I immediately recognized. I could not put this book down and read it in a single day.

An exhilarating read for sure!!!

~Jessica K.

A great twist on the eternal question

Da Vinci Code meets The Secret. The Magdalene Prophecy takes you on a journey of self discovery weaved into an action packed thriller. Each turn of the page adds to the mystery within the well crafted story of forgotten religious symbols and internal reflection about the origin of life itself. A must read.

~Derek S.

Had me glued to my kindle from the very start!

The first book in the series “The Magdalene Prophecy” had me glued to my kindle from the very start.

Although eight out of ten books I read are nonfiction and I would not consider the underlying theme of religious history one of my go-to topics, this book was one of my favorite reads in a long time.

The story is far more than a mystery thriller that revolves around historic events and religion. The book’s main character, Yael, is initially introduced as a tough private detective/assassin/fixer who is hired to handle a highly critical mission that could have far reaching consequences, not only for the people directly involved.

The author artfully manages to develop and progress the characters through captivating deep dives into their background stories, always leaving enough room for thought and the reader’s own interpretation of the events and the protagonists’ motivations.

Also, the way Shams-Tabriz manages to trigger the reader’s imagination by describing scenes, settings, capturing feelings and fleshing out dialogs, is poetic and powerful.

The further you progress, the more faceted the book becomes with its overarching topic of spirituality and its strong feminine characters.

Overall, the story never feels long-winded and there is a refreshing balance between plot and character progression. Finally, there is the great mystery and puzzles that will keep you guessing and enraptured in the story.

The second book in the series is top of my reading list!

~Nikolas K.

You gotta trust your gut here… This is a spellbinding masterpiece!

The first book of The Magdalene Prophecy series is fast moving, captivating , full of action and mystery. I could not put the book down. With a controversial hypothesis about the role of Mary Magdalene as Jesus Christ’s most loved apostle, her teachings and ultimately her prophecy…

It is incredibly well researched and I have to say it does make logical sense if you are willing to set aside any extreme religious views and give it a chance.

If you are intrigued to pick up this book and read it, trust me, you gotta trust your gut here! The author has an amazing knack for piling facts into creatively woven stories, and this is a spellbinding masterpiece.

Okay, where do I begin? Should I dive headfirst into the fact that it involves the other truth behind Christianity, the twisted, hidden, other part of it, or the nature of this book that keeps you on the edge of your seat, as the author unveils secrets and suspenseful incidents that catch you completely off guard as you can’t even smell the trouble arising. Anyway, this is definitely a must read especially if you love to feast on conspiracy theories and wonder WHAT IF the true story was the other way around.

Are we living the Quickening she predicted? Is this Pandemic a part of Mary Magdalene’s prophecy? ????

On another note, this was definitely an eye opener for me as I got to see the world with a new set of eyes and not everything is what it seems like.

The second book of the series is a gripping page-turner filled with deception, intrigue, history lessons, and some fascinating puzzles.

I was lucky to get the book just before the world went into lockdown. I got answers to lots of the questions I was left with in book 1 and it keep me coming up with all kind of hypotheses on how and who will surprise us in book 3. Reading it has been a joy in this time of uncertainty. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series .

~Harumi A.

A rollicking mystery [and] a spiritual teaching tool all rolled into one. … An absolute page turner!

While I’m Jewish, I happen to be a fan of Magdalene books and all things related to the voice of the divine feminine as she flows through history. I wasn’t sure what to think when I picked this book up. But soon I realized it was a rollicking mystery, a spiritual teaching tool and a love story, all rolled into one.

Suspense is constantly heightened. I love the complex characters. I feel the author’s reverence and respect for the feminine. What a relief to finally read a book that has that quality. I am so incredibly curious to find out what happens in the next book.

~Alicia D. Laugh Lines

Is the end time near?

This is a can’t put down book. The characters are fresh and become like family by the second chapter. I have not been able to find another book to hold my interest like this.

~Linda Lou

Well written and thought provoking

I enjoyed the complexity of the characters involved, the twists and turns and mystery behind, making sense of the logic and controversy of the story… it kept me guessing and proving wrong at times. The strength and femininity of the main character is so captivating and can be related to on so many levels. Very interesting, well written and thought provoking.

~Inna Bochkova

An edge-of-your-seat mystery!

If not already the case, author Shams-Tabriz will be making big news for the recently published first two books of his spiritual-mystery series THE MAGDALENE PROPHECY.

Though I am ordinarily a confirmed nonfiction reader, I admit I was immediately intrigued by the subtitles, QUICKENING (Book One) and THE TREASURE HUNT (Book Two).

Yes, the Magdalene referred to is part of biblical history. The author’s story, however, is fictional. It is an “edge of your seat” mystery constructed around characters to a great extent involved with the Vatican in Rome and its museum treasures. Shams-Tabriz paints word pictures of the personalities and events at play in a compelling and believable manner. While there are many surprising twists and turns in the story line, they are plausible and lead to the next revelations the author offers the reader.

The back cover of Book One suggests that The Magdalene Prophecy is the spiritual successor to the acclaimed Celestine Prophecy. This reviewer is in agreement with that comparison, although QUICKENING (Book One) clearly laid the groundwork of a good detective/mystery story about the secret inner workings of the Vatican. Book Two, however, changes that thread when we are first given an intimate portrait of the lead character’s life and, later, a rich spiritual discourse between lighthouse keeper Gabo and Thomas. It is enlightening!

Book Three of the series, when published, will be on my bookshelf as soon as I put it down after reading it.

~David L. Hack — Author with Psychic and Medium Linda Lee Hack of the soon to be available THE WORLD OF PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS AND SPIRITS – A LOOK INSIDE FROM THE OUTSIDE

A masterful story that… [just may resemble] what is going on in our world today.

A mystery that touches all your emotions

The Quickening encompasses the essence of its characters while pulling the reader into a masterful story that may or may not have a resemblance to what is going in our world today. The events are so masterful that it makes one wonder if they can be constructed by a human or something greater. The contemplation is exciting and gives you a thirst for more!

If you have done research on Mary Magdalene, you will find her story and teachings intertwined into the storyline. The curiosity of a reader to figure out where might be intriguing and joyful. Although the twists and turns will keep you at full attention and in excitement to turn the pages regardless.

Enjoy the mystery….it’s worth the read!

~Amazon Reviewer

Once you pick it up…can’t put it down!!!

The story was an epic glimpse into what could have been. A very well written piece that made you feel like you are part of the story and you’re riding along the character’s emotional evolution of love and compassion. The author reveals his passion for gifted story telling and spirituality through the depth and complexity of the characters and the story itself. It reminds me of Indiana Jones meets the DaVinci Code meets The Celestine Prophecy. Great journey for a reader…it will leave you pondering what you just read and questioning what you already know.

~Roxy Rusek

I read it all in one sitting!

Sometimes our imagination wants to play! And the Magdalene Prophecy is that medium that allows our imagination to drift into a story of adventure, wonder, secret history and mystery. I couldn’t put this book down, and the author has a gift in writing which grabs you until the very last page. I literally read the last few pages again because I wasn’t ready to put it down!


Read This Book!!!

Great book.

Exciting and really interstellar, fast paced and consequential for the evolutionary minded ones lucky enough to come across this terrific read.

~Dennis Hauswirth

If you enjoyed reading Dan Brown’s books, you will enjoy this too!

This is a fast-paced story about the search for stolen treasure. The Magdalene Treasure [has] been stolen from the heart of the Vatican and a huge ransom has been asked for their return. The task of finding the thief, and therefore the treasure, falls to a young woman who calls herself Yael. She is a feisty, determined investigator, but is tormented by demons from her past.

The lost treasure involves a prophecy made by Mary Magdalene foretelling the second coming of Christ. This is the strangest assignment Yael has ever been given, and she has to race against time in order to accomplish it. She follows an intricate trail of clues around Europe, and she will stop at nothing, not even murder, to achieve her goal.

The story builds to an exciting climax with even the elements conspiring against Yael, and there is an interesting twist at the end.

At intervals, the story takes us back in time to reveal details of Yael’s upbringing, which have made her into the driven and ruthless character she is today.

It is good to read a book with a strong female main protagonist and to gain an insight into how her character has developed. If you enjoyed reading Dan Brown’s books, you will enjoy this too and will want to read the second book in the series in order to see how the mystery of the missing treasure continues to unfold.

~Jennifer L

A great read!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s full of action, suspense and is very intriguing. I enjoyed the history lessons of a most interesting part of world history. The book kept me engaged right to the very end, and I can’t wait to start the next book, Treasure Hunt.

~Amazon Reviewer

A must for those who consume “Who Done Its” like Petit-dejeuner

When the Great Sea Turtle lifts her head above the water and the Grass moves Six Inches sideways, they say that something BIG is going to happen. In Shams’s book, it certainly does.

A must for those who consume “Who Done Its” like Petit-dejeuner and for those too who don’t.

With a gripping plot and nuances, red herrings and trip-me-ups sprinkled liberally throughout the book by the Fae…

A Master Craftsman at work….in more ways than one.

~Cameron M.

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