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 Join this powerful membership and have the vibration, the wisdom and the guidance of the heavens at your fingertips.

here's what to expect

From This Powerful Membership

Many people who join our one off events - such as the Wisdom Sessions are blown away at the energy, the impact, the vibrations they experience when in the presence of the Divine Feminine Collective. Many feel an overwhelming sense of love, acceptance, of finally being seen and understood. They feel accepted for being themselves in their human experience, while at the same time being elevated to rise to the highest vision of themselves. For many it is a very real experience of being LIFTED. 

And then they leave the session and go back into the chaotic experience of the outer world, they step back into the chaotic experience of their inner world. Their usual thoughts and patterns feel like a weight around their shoulders and the experience of feeling so LIFTED begins to fade. 

So here's what we suggest - Spend more time with us! Join our Divine Feminine Collective Membership and have access to Live Wisdom Sessions, Meditations, Prayers and other heavenly content that will fill you up with the vibration of heaven, whenever you feel you need it.

In this way you will not only receive the energy as relief from your suffering, but the more you immerse yourself in this profound wisdom, energy and guidance, the more you will be able to become embodiments of that which the Divine Feminine Collective brings forth.

Have the vibrations of the heavens at your fingertips

To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?

Live Stream Channeling Session Once a Week

To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?

1 x Guided Meditation Per Week
Or 1 x written message from the Divine Feminine Collective

What does the customer get from buying your product or service.

A Private Online Forum to connect with Community Members

What does the customer get from buying your product or service.

Be the first to know about Retreats, Mentorships and Community Events

Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…” 

Receive the highest guidance on healing, relationship and opening your own connection to the divine realms.

Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…” 

The term 'channeling' has become more and more widely used in recent years. But what does channeling actually mean?

Understand that channeling is not exclusive to those who bring forth messages from the heavens. 

Each of us are channels, whether as a healer, an artist, a musician, a chef, or an entrepreneur. In fact, channeling is not to be looked upon as what we do. Channeling is who we are.

If we allow ourselves to experience the flow of divine-life-force through us in however it chooses to express—or however we choose to express it—that is channeling. No one form is greater than another.

The Open to Channel Course is designed to guide you to establish a strong inner connection with divine-life-force. 

You will learn how to make that connection and discern the depth and purity of it. 

You will also learn how to bring it forth into your life in a conscious and meaningful way. 

Our most sacred and unique gifts and expressions are to be found through channeling our divine life force.

What We'll Cover in

Level 1 - Paving the Way


The Third Dimension

Who We Are

Our Human Destiny

The Beauty of the Fourth Dimension

Healing & Integration:

Clearing to Permit Expansion

The Flute

Your Human Emotions

Healing in Waves

Experiencing Connection:

Gentle Breathing


Meditation - Inner & Outer

What's included:

6 x live channeled group sessions 

Guided Audios

Techniques to practice

Community of other seekers

Certificate on completion

By learning the foundations of opening your channel

  • You will learn how to make the connection and discern the depth and purity of it.

  • You will also learn how to bring it forth into your life in a conscious and meaningful way. 

  • You will pave the way for your own innate, divine gifts to begin to flourish within you. You really have no idea what might unfold for you. Heaven only knows!

  • You will do this in a gentle, guided way without feeling as if a fuse has been blown or that you can't handle what's occurring.


Allow yourself to be guided by those, on earth and in the heavens, who know what it truly means to Open Your Channel, in a grounded, practical and safe way.

Who is this Membership for?

You have a naturally open channel but you feel ungrounded, unsettled and chaotic.

Perhaps as a child you had vivid dreams, or you could perceive things that other people couldn't. Maybe you've been plagued with energies or entities that you didn't enjoy, and as a result you shut down your ability to 'see, hear, and know' beyond the normal range of human perception.

You have a strong inner guidance and you wish to deepen the connection.

You inner guidance speaks to you often and you're prone to making decisions based on your 'knowing' rather than research and deliberation. You feel very connected to the earth, to other people's energies and emotions, to plants, animals and the stars. You have a deep desire to make your connection clearer and more profound.

You have a burning desire to know your divinity and uncover your true gifts.

You've been seeking a deep connection to your own divinity and to the divinity of All That Is. You know that other realms exist but you wish to make this connection a part of your normal reality, rather than something fleeting and unusual. Maybe you wish to receive guidance for yourself, friends and family.

love for Shams-tabriz and the divine feminine collective

What they say

“ In the past I undertook practices and 'activations' with the intention of opening myself to the divine realms. But without a foundation of healing or knowing what was really occurring I felt like a fuse had blown in my system.

My senses exploded, but so did my brain! I started to get terrible debilitating headaches and I felt overwhelmed by how much I was sensing all around me. Leaving the house become a sensory overload that was too much for me.

What I've learned from Shams-Tabriz and the Divine Feminine Collective on the other hand has been life changing. I finally learned how to heal and ground myself so that my channel opened naturally and my gifts began to flourish so beautifully and enjoyably. 

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding the right teacher for these things. it really does make a life-changing difference!

I am forever grateful for the wisdom, patience and divine connection of Shams-Tabriz"

Joanna Tamsin

- Healer and Energy Worker -

" I just want to say I have such deep, deep gratitude to you Shams-Tabriz for all that you gave me. I feel forever blessed. 

The shifts that took place during the immersion in this field of energies was life changing. To be privy to such close contact with the Divine Feminine Collective's energies on a regular basis really helped me to understand who I am as a person and helped clarify questions I have never been able to answer in all the 22 years that I have been on a spiritual quest.

The wisdom that moves through Shams-Tabriz is pure and true. There is so much confusion out in the world around what is right and true regarding spiritual wisdom. I know from my own perspective so much of what I had heard in the field previously had not resonated and so there will be others that need this kind of clarity/confirmation too.

I am eternally grateful for the work of Shams-Tabriz."

Coco oya ciennarey

- Spiritual Guide -

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