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My name is Shams-Tabriz

I am a writer and a spiritual channel.

For the past three decades of my adult life, I have strived to be a pure, clear crystalline channel for the highest dimensions of consciousness. Today when I channel, I step aside from my own consciousness and bring through the Divine Feminine Collective, comprised of ascended masters, enlightened beings, and those from the angelic and other-worldly realms. 

The voices of Mary the Magdalene, Jeshua (Jesus), Irshya, Elmarilla, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin — Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, and Uriel — as well as many others named and unnamed can often be heard. The Collective has stepped forward at this crucial time to transmit the powerful wisdom and healing energies of the Divine Feminine that are so crucial to the evolution of humanity at this pivotal moment in our history. 

We are living in a new age. And whether we realize it or not, we are being powerfully guided onto our personal journey of healing in order to bring completion to all that has been of our experiences-of-old. It is the time for each of us to reap the harvest of all that we’ve sown in times past so we can step into our own divinity.

I am humbled to be in service to this great force of change in our world. Please join me and the Divine Feminine Collective as we gather in unity to embrace this unique and pivotal moment in humanity's evolution.

Why is it the time of the divine feminine?

Humanity is at a pivotal moment in its history. The energies of the Divine Feminine are required in order to dismantle the corrupt masculine energies that have prevailed in our world for eons in what was the era of the third dimension.

This is not a statement about the corruption of men. What we are undergoing is a healing of the corrupt masculine energies that dominated throughout the era of the third dimension, having their effect upon women and men alike. 

The Divine Feminine is at the forefront, firstly, in order to balance out all the underlying distortions of the third dimension and, secondly, to activate the powerful healing frequencies required to assist humanity through its expansion.

how will humanity evolve?

It will take each person, whether in masculine or feminine embodiment, to bring forward their own powerful Divine Feminine force in order to dismantle the distorted masculine within THEMSELVES first. 

And then the distorted patterns, beliefs, structures and systems in the world around us will follow.

This is how the shift will occur. 

It won’t happen at the Government level.  The shift will not begin in the courtrooms or the boardrooms of the powerful and wealthy. 

Many of those who have been at the helm during this era of the corrupt masculine are now clutching on tightly for their power to remain. 

The way the shift will happen is within each individual. 

One person at a time. Each and every one of us. Embodying our inner Divine Feminine. Taking responsibility for our own awakening. 

What’s at stake is humanity’s shift into an evolved race. 

It is that significant, 

And the shift begins with YOU. 

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