Shams-Tabriz hosts regular gatherings—Wisdom Sessions—where he channels insight and guidance on various topics directly impacting the spiritual evolution of humanity.

When I channel, I connect energetically to a consciousness that calls itself Irshya. Irshya, or ‘the Angels’ as I often call them, is a collective consciousness of pure love and light and infinite wisdom. Their purpose at this time is purely and simply to guide humanity through its transformation into God-conscious, earthly beings. This too is my purpose.

I do not consider myself either a fortune teller or a psychic medium. It is not my purpose in the readings to divine when your lover will appear or what work you should pursue. Nor do I connect to loved ones on the other side of the veil unless it is deemed appropriate in order to support your expansion.

My goal is to guide you to become your own diviner of truths.

~ Shams-Tabriz

Recordings of past events can be found on YouTube.



Wisdom Sessions are hosted from paradise, Bali, and streamed live to give you the opportunity to receive guidance to your questions in real-time.

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