Thank you!

~ on behalf of

Mary the Magdalene  &


Download the The Prayer of the Divine Feminine below

Tips to use the Prayer of the Divine Feminine

This is an incredibly powerful recording. They are the words of Mary the Magdalene channeled by Shams-Tabriz.

The words themselves carry the vibration of heaven. So when used regularly and intentionally they can begin to create shifts within you.

This prayer in particular is here to help you embody the strength, the dignity and the nobility of the Divine Feminine.

Set your intention

Set your intentions before you recite the prayer.

What does embodying the Divine Feminine mean to you?

How would you like to feel in your life? Would you like to feel more at peace, more in harmony with yourself? 

Would you like to feel free to express yourself? More in your strength?

Where in your life do you need the assistance of this powerful prayer? 

Speak the words

Listen to the prayer regularly.

Remember when you encounter challenges in your life that you can be guided powerfully by the angels.

Use these words from the Magdalene as your guide.

Use the accompanying PDF to say the words out loud along with the audio.

Whenever you feel the need for assistance to embody the divine feminine in you - say the words of the prayer.

My soul knew this the whole time. Thank you. It's hard to catch my breath for the relief and love is overwhelming.

Stephanie Provence

A week with mary the magdalene

It is such a gift to have found aligned wisdom that deeply speaks to my soul.

Shams-Tabriz's channelings are such a blissful upleveling of humanity. I am beyond grateful.

Chi Lisa Schulz



Spiritual channel and author

My name is Shams-Tabriz. My parents named me after the great 13th century poet and mystic Shams of Tabriz, the Friend and Teacher of Jalaluddin Rumi. 

I am both an author and a spiritual channel. Like Rumi and Shams, I too am a writer of both poetry and prose.

I have been honing my physical vessel for decades to become the pure channel that I am today. When I channel, I step aside my own consciousness and bring through the divine mind in the form of a heavenly consciousness called Irshya. At its forefront is the Divine Feminine embodied by Mary the Magdalene.

She has stepped forward at this crucial time in order to assist us in our personal journey of healing, so we can step into our own divinity at this unique moment in humanity's evolution.

Expressions of Love

I approached [the course] with curiosity only thinking I would get some soothing and comfort.


How wrong could I be! 

coco oya ciennaray - london

Deep gratitude for the content of this course. It came along at exactly the right time.

I was at a crossroads in my life and was ready to open to messages not thinking they would be as life altering as they have been. I approached them with curiosity only thinking I would get some soothing and comfort. How wrong could I be!

The energy transmitted from these messages from Mary have penetrated my psyche deeply and ignited a light deep in my heart. I felt a definite shift half way  through the week which grew exponentially at the end where I was able to see clearly a pattern of suffering I had carried all my life and felt it finally begin to release from my being.  

Feeling the unraveling of the untruths that I am limited in my capabilities as a human to heal fully and wholly, I now truly believe I have the power to manifest full health and wellbeing in a gentle loving way. 

I feel a new sense of what is possible has opened up for me regarding the full brief and embodiment of my divinity. The truth of who I am. And have truly been given a fresh start. 

Thank you Shams-Tabriz for being such a beautiful divine light and channel for Mary’s messages to come through.

The channeling was so full of love and light.

I was so moved and overwhelmed by feeling the Divine presence and it has definitely helped in expanding my consciousness even more by reminding me of who I am and why I’m here.

Words will never be able to describe what I felt. So grateful


south africa

The vibration of peace and love washed over me like a divine calling that rests in my heart. 

I am grateful for the calling to turn my gaze towards the sun

Niki Stone

planet earth

I am very grateful for this powerful and profound experience and energy.

 Listening to your words and feeling the frequency you're emitting is allowing me to drop my energy barriers.

It is helping me to surrender, connect and be able to receive. I am having activations and feeling my life force vibration. I am receiving messages and visuals too.

It's wonderful. Healing.

Ashleigh James


Insightful, eye opening,

soul healing and filled with profound wisdom.

cathy - taiwan

The messages from Mary were eye opening and humbling and were articulated to fit my level of understanding. The wisdom continues to unfold now even though weeks have passed.

Now I wake up each day with more clarity and a better understanding of myself on so many levels and my heart is lighter.

With his gift, Shams-Tabriz channels the highest vibrations of source energy.

His wisdom, his presence and energy speaks for itself.

I have immeasurable gratitude for Shams-Tabriz and the beautiful gifts he offers.

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